Wymondham Town Wards

Wymondham Town Wards 

Wymondham is divided into the following five wards:

  • Abbey Ward
  • Cromwells Ward
  • Northfields Ward
  • Rustens Ward
  • Town Ward

Each ward is represented by three town councillors.

A map of Wymondham showing the ward boundaries can be seen by clicking on the link below:


When the map appears you will need to rotate it clockwise as follows

  • Place the cursor anywhere in the map
  • Right click
  • Left click on ‘Rotate Clockwise’

You can zoom into the map as follows:

  • Left click on the down arrow next to the % figure on the toolbar above the map
  • Left click on an appropriate zoom percentage

The ward boundaries are marked in solid and dotted red lines, and the ward names are in red lettering.

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