At the February meeting of the Town Council it was resolved to remove a number of play equipment items following complaints regarding noise and anti-social behaviour made by residents whose properties abut the meadow.

Contractors appointed to carry out the work have been unable to access the site due to protestors.

Following guidance and advice the Town Council has  take up an offer of mediation made by the County Council to seek an amicable solution to the current position.

Accordingly work on the site has been suspended and contractors have been instructed to remove the Heras fencing that has been installed.

FRIDAY 12th AUGUST 2016 Norfolk County Council have issued the following:


Wymondham Town Council has accepted an offer today (Friday, August 12)  from Norfolk County Council to help facilitate a community consultation regarding the future of the Wymondham Playground at King’s Head Meadow


Norfolk County Council officers will offer an opportunity for all groups – including residents, children, young people, businesses and individuals –  to come together to share their views, identify clear common ground and then help them  agree  a way forward and identify a solution that works for everyone in the town.


The process will  build on common ground including


  • The need for a good quality, fully accessible playground in the Town Centre – which offers safe access on foot, access for parents and children with special needs or disabilities, as well as meeting the needs of children for play
  • The need to find a location for the site which avoids  the current conflict between the needs of those living next to it and those of the wider community who use the facility.


It is also proposed to delay removing the equipment at the current site while the discussions take place.


NCC  will not be making any decisions on the outcome– that will be up to the people who come forward from the community to participate in the process.


NCC’s aim will be to help broker a collaborative way forward which  best suits the need of the community


Further details on how to get involved in this will be released early next week – including an email address for people to use to offer their help, get involved or to keep updated on progress


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