Statement of Wymondham Town Council Governance Review Group


In July 2016, Wymondham Town Council agreed to set up a Working Group, including independent representatives, to review the Council’s governance arrangements and suggest improvements to ensure the Council operates in an open and transparent way moving forward.


The Group met for the first time on 28 September 2016 and has decided to focus their work on three key areas:


  • Standing Orders and Decision Making Processes;
  • The Council’s relationship with the Public and how it communicates; and
  • The internal relationships and roles of the Councillors and the Clerk.


Over the next few weeks, the Group will meet to consider the three key aspects of their work and following their initial discussions, the Group will then hold an open public meeting where the public can put forward their views on the Group’s thoughts.


In the meantime, the Group would be delighted to hear from members of the public who want to put forward opinions, linked to these three areas, and in particular where they think the Council is doing well or in need of improvement.


The Group is considering Standing Orders and Decision Making Processes at its next meeting on Monday 24 October, therefore we would be grateful of comments on this topic by close of play on Friday 21 October.


If you would like to comment, please contact, call 01508 533954 or write to Leah Mickleborough or Emma Goddard at the South Norfolk Council offices, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE.




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