Kings Head Meadow Review update

Statement issued by Amy Brooke NCC

In August 2016, Wymondham Town Council (WTC) accepted an offer from Norfolk County Council (NCC) to provide a mediation service and help the community find a solution for the location of the play area at King’s Head Meadow.

The working group, made up of nominated members of the community, has now put forward a proposal for a compromise solution. This proposal is based on feedback from interested parties in the community and agreed by consensus as being the most viable option.

A report outlining the initial requirements for this proposal has been provided to WTC and the Town Council has now asked Play England to give them expert specialist advice on the existing and proposed new site.

As a result of reaching this stage in the process and having helped people in Wymondham work together to put forward this compromise solution, which has a consensus of support, NCC now considers its work is complete and that the time is right for it to step away from the process to allow the final decision making, which ultimately rests with Wymondham Town Council, take place.

Town Clerk Trevor Gurney commented that this matter will be discussed at a future meeting of the Town Council.


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