I have been in consultation with the Chairman of the Council, Cllr. Savage, in respect of the agenda for the meeting scheduled for 4th July 2017. At present, there is very little business to be conducted other than the normal housekeeping requirements.

Following the June meeting of the Town Council it was resolved tp prepare a sub master plan in respect of the provision of play activity at King’s Head Meadow.

The Council has now received an initial proposal from Mr P Doyle and Mr B Spiegal (Play England) in respect of the preparation of a sub master plan for King’s Head Meadow. To clarify the position in line with agreeing a correct design brief, it seems appropriate that a meeting first be held with Mr Garwood as the Chairman of Wymondham Town Football Club. Because of commitments the earliest he is available is Friday 30th June in the afternoon. It is likely that the initial design brief will need to be reviewed in scope before it is presented to the Council for discussion.

In the circumstances with the agreement of Cllr. Savage the meeting scheduled for Tuesday 4th July 2017 has been cancelled.

TB Gurney

Town Clerk

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