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Farmers Market

Wymondham Farmers Market May 2018

Wymondham’s Farmers Market is held on the third Saturday each month.

Residents are warned that a road closure order will be in place on those days from 6.00am to 2.00pm and cars should follow the displayed notices and not park in the spaces covered by the orders, which are those outside the parade of shops at the top of the Market Place.


2018 Farmers Market Dates

January 20

February 17

March 17

April 21

May 19

June 16

July 21

August 18

September 15

October 20

November 17

December 15



Council Fees

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Fees & Charges April 2016

Complaints Policy

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 Complaints Policy & Procedure May 2010

Annual Reports




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Wymondham Town Council Grants Scheme
What is the grant scheme?

Each year Wymondham Town Council sets aside money within the budget for grants aimed to benefit people and projects in the Wymondham area.

Grant applications will be considered that fall within the following categories;

  • Clearly identified capital project
  • Specific project, event or service
  • The Town Council will not subsidise running costs or write off debts.

Who can apply?

Your organisation must be based in the parish of Wymondham, including Spooner Row and the outlying hamlets, with its membership open to interested residents in the Parish.

What will not be funded?

  • An organisation the primary purpose of which is the propagation or furtherance  of political religious moral or philosophical view points of causes
  • General charities, whether local, national or international
  • Individuals however deserving
  • Sponsorship schemes e.g. walks, runs or other efforts

What sort of projects have the Town Council funded in the past?

Organisation Amount offered (£)
Citizens Advice Bureau 3,000
Wymondham Music Festival 1,500
Spooner Row primary School 1,400
Robert Kett School 615
Wymondham Pabulum Café 750
Wymondham Photographic Society 250

How do you apply?

Applications will be considered by Finance and General Purposes Committee and applications should be submitted 10 working days before their scheduled meetings.

An application form can be download


Please ensure that you read the guidance notes and make sure you include all documents we ask for with your application.

The Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme

The Quality Parish and Town Council scheme was launched in June 2003, following the publication of the Governments Rural White Paper, 2000. The scheme was designed to provide benchmark minimum standards for parish and town councils and to enable them to better represent the communities they serve. The scheme also aims to give enhanced relationships between local councils, principal authorities and community and voluntary sector organisations.

In order to achieve Quality status, parish and town councils must demonstrate that they have reached the standard required by passing several tests.

  • Electoral Mandate
  • Qualifications of the Clerk
  • Council Meetings
  • Communications
  • Annual Report
  • Accounts and Code of Conduct

The tests exceed the statutory duties of parish and town councils and represent the standards that an efficient, well run town council should achieve.


Wymondham Town Council are pleased to announce that they were awarded Quality Town Status  on 22nd September 2008. Pictured below is Leader of Norfolk County Council Daniel Cox, Wymondham Town Clerk Trevor Gurney, Mayor of Wymondham Len Elston, Mayor of Attleborough Vera Dale, Attleborough Town Clerk Hilary Elias and John Cowan from the Norfolk Association of local councils.

Wymondham’s Future

In 2006 Wymondham Town Council working in partnership with Wymondham Community Partnership identified the need to establish a clear vision for the future of the town. During July and August 2007 the group undertook a community survey entitled “Wymondham’s Future” which asked residents for their views on the town and future development. 1220 people responded to the survey.

Findings from the survey identified residents main priorities for the town. These findings have helped to shape a Strategic Plan for the town setting out a vision and objectives for the development of Wymondham over the next five years (2008 – 2013). A five year programme of actions and projects will be developed with Wymondham Town Council coordinating activities both with other public and private sector organisations, voluntary and community organisations and community groups in the area.

You can view a copy of the full Strategic Plan and a detailed anyalsis of the survey results by clicking on the following links.

Wymondham’s Future – Strategic Plan 2008-2013
Wymondham’s Future – Survey Results
Wymondham’s Future – Strategic Plan Summary