Statement of Wymondham Town Council Governance Review Group


In July 2016, Wymondham Town Council agreed to set up a Working Group, including independent representatives, to review the Council’s governance arrangements and suggest improvements to ensure the Council operates in an open and transparent way moving forward.


The Group met for the first time on 28 September 2016 and has decided to focus their work on three key areas:


  • Standing Orders and Decision Making Processes;
  • The Council’s relationship with the Public and how it communicates; and
  • The internal relationships and roles of the Councillors and the Clerk.


Over the next few weeks, the Group will meet to consider the three key aspects of their work and following their initial discussions, the Group will then hold an open public meeting where the public can put forward their views on the Group’s thoughts.


In the meantime, the Group would be delighted to hear from members of the public who want to put forward opinions, linked to these three areas, and in particular where they think the Council is doing well or in need of improvement.


The Group is considering Standing Orders and Decision Making Processes at its next meeting on Monday 24 October, therefore we would be grateful of comments on this topic by close of play on Friday 21 October.


If you would like to comment, please contact, call 01508 533954 or write to Leah Mickleborough or Emma Goddard at the South Norfolk Council offices, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE.




King’s Head Meadow Update

Following mediation work undertaken by Norfolk County Council the following report has been published. Please click on the link below to read this.


Kings Head Meadow Update


King’s Head Meadow Play Area Update



Wymondham Town Council

Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 6th September 2016

At the present time the main issue for discussion by the Town Council is the ongoing mediation being carried out by Norfolk County Council in respect of the play equipment at Kings Head Meadow.  The next meeting they have scheduled is on 6th September following which there will no doubt be further discussions and work to be under taken.  Therefore there will not be any form of report in respect of this matter to be discussed at the full council meeting scheduled for the above date.

Other items for consideration are of a relatively minor and house keeping nature and therefore after discussions with the Town Mayor and Chairman of the Council, Cllr Joe Mooney it has been decided that the meeting scheduled for the 6th September 2016 will NOT take place.


Many thanks

Trevor Gurney

Town Clerk




King’s Head Meadow play area – update


Following Wymondham Town Council’s acceptance of an offer from Norfolk County Council for its officers to help the community work together towards a solution to the location of the play area at King’s Head Meadow, the County Council is now seeking to gather the views of all interested parties.


The following dedicated email address has now been set up for people to submit their comments, views and any questions to the County Council team who will be looking after this process:


People can also write to Amy Brooke, Norfolk County Council’s Head of Services and Partnerships for South Norfolk at:


South Norfolk Early Help Hub, South Norfolk District Council, Cygnet Court, South Norfolk House, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE


The team has also made arrangements for people to meet face to face with them at the following times:


Friday 19th August, 2:30pm – 3:30pm Central Hall

Tuesday 6th Sept 6:30pm – 7:30pm Wymondham Football Club


No appointments will be necessary for these meetings – people can turn up at any time between the given times and wait to see someone in turn.


A separate activity to gather the views of young people in Wymondham is also being arranged.


Altogether, these arrangements are designed to give everyone an opportunity to have their say to Norfolk County Council officers.


Further updates will continue to be posted on Wymondham Town Council website.



Wednesday 17 August 2016


At the February meeting of the Town Council it was resolved to remove a number of play equipment items following complaints regarding noise and anti-social behaviour made by residents whose properties abut the meadow.

Contractors appointed to carry out the work have been unable to access the site due to protestors.

Following guidance and advice the Town Council has  take up an offer of mediation made by the County Council to seek an amicable solution to the current position.

Accordingly work on the site has been suspended and contractors have been instructed to remove the Heras fencing that has been installed.

FRIDAY 12th AUGUST 2016 Norfolk County Council have issued the following:


Wymondham Town Council has accepted an offer today (Friday, August 12)  from Norfolk County Council to help facilitate a community consultation regarding the future of the Wymondham Playground at King’s Head Meadow


Norfolk County Council officers will offer an opportunity for all groups – including residents, children, young people, businesses and individuals –  to come together to share their views, identify clear common ground and then help them  agree  a way forward and identify a solution that works for everyone in the town.


The process will  build on common ground including


  • The need for a good quality, fully accessible playground in the Town Centre – which offers safe access on foot, access for parents and children with special needs or disabilities, as well as meeting the needs of children for play
  • The need to find a location for the site which avoids  the current conflict between the needs of those living next to it and those of the wider community who use the facility.


It is also proposed to delay removing the equipment at the current site while the discussions take place.


NCC  will not be making any decisions on the outcome– that will be up to the people who come forward from the community to participate in the process.


NCC’s aim will be to help broker a collaborative way forward which  best suits the need of the community


Further details on how to get involved in this will be released early next week – including an email address for people to use to offer their help, get involved or to keep updated on progress


Town Mayor 2016/17

joe mooney Mayor

Wymondham Town Mayor 2016/2017
Cllr Joe Mooney of Northfields Ward has been re-elected Mayor of Wymondham.
Looking forward to the year ahead Cllr Mooney said “I hope that we can make good progress on the following issues”.
Try and resolve the drainage and access issues at the Ketts Park play area.
Consider re-establishing the Wymondham Tourist form.
Aim to make better use of the Market Place in terms of trying to attract more events to the town.
Continue to fund the Brighter Wymondham project.
Continue to support the town’s voluntary groups through our grants budget.
Analyse the results of the recent town council survey.
Replace the uplighters under the market cross and consider replacing/refurbishment of the bus shelter in Avenue Road.
Try and find a suitable site/location for new council offices.
In addition to the issues outlined above Mr Mooney hopes that the council will continue to support tourism in Wymondham, The Music Festival, the Farmers Market and local events.

Cllr Joe Mooney

Mayor’s Community Fund

The Wymondham Golf Society held its 32nd AGM at the Feathers Public House on Tuesday 19 January. Every year the Golf Society raises funds for a local Charity through fining its members for misdemeanours throughout the season. This year they raised £300 and they agreed at their AGM to present this amount to their guest Cllr Joe Mooney, Mayor of Wymondham. Mr Mooney has donated the £300 to his chosen charity for 2015/16 to the Wymondham & Attleborough Talking Newspaper. If you wish to join the Society please contact the Secretary on 07789 968328.

Joe Mooney - Golf cheque

Brian Bandy (left) Society Treasurer, Mayor Cllr. Joe Mooney and Tony English Newly elected Captain (right)

Wymondham in Pictures

This area is intended to give anyone thinking of visiting Wymondham a quick whistle-stop tour of the town in pictures.

Wymondham Market Cross

Probably the most iconic building in Wymondham is the Market Cross. Wymondham’s first Market Cross was probably a shaft -on-steps type, but we don’t know where it was situated. However, we do know that by the late 16th Century there was a Market Hall which was burnt down in 1615 and the present cross was roughly  on the same site in 1617-1618 at a cost of £25 7s Od. The Market Cross is now used as the Tourist information Centre run by the Town Council.

Below is a map of Wymondham that has numbered arrows pointing out the main attractions of the town followed by a list giving the names of the numbered attractions.

By clicking on any name in the list a brief description of the attraction will appear together with several pictures of it.


Click on the name of the attraction below to see a short description with pictures.

1. Mid Norfolk Railway

2. Tiffey Valley

3. Becketswell

4. Abbey

5. Priory Gardens

6. Kings Head Meadow

7. Leisure Centre

8. Kett’s Park

9. Norfolk Constabulary HQ

10. Becket’s Chapel

11. Library

12. Central Hall

13. Tolls Meadow

14. Wymondham Station

15. Heritage Museum

16. Catholic Church

17. The Lizard

18. Browick Road Recreation Ground





Town Council : Statutory local government elected body for the Parish of Wymondham Norfolk. The Town Council has a number of statutory duties and powers including the provision of recreation areas, play facilities, woodlands, wildlife sites, open spaces,allotments,markets,Tourist Information Centre and the Town Cemetery. We also act as a link to South Norfolk District Council including being consultees in all planning applications relating to the Town and to Norfolk County Council for the reporting of faulty street lights and highways issues.

Photographs of Abbey & Market Cross by Tim Smith –