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Civic Award

Dianne Fernee

Dianne Fernee was elected to Wymondham Town Council in 2011 and subsequently for 2013-14 during this time she was instrumental in setting up Wymondham Business group, as the previous Chamber of Commerce had dissolved.

It was during her year as Mayor that she became involved in Dementia Support for the town including giving assistance to the Pabulum café, and in conjunction with Age Concern, established a tool kit and training for local businesses this becoming the bench mark to be used throughout Norfolk.  Since then she has been a committed member of the support group and her good work, together with that of all the helpers here resulted in a Queens Voluntary Service Award being received in 2017, and I know she was delighted to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace with Trevor Brown.

The growth of the Wymondham Dementia Support Group has been phenomenal, starting with some six couples eight years ago and with over 80 couples at the present time.

She was also heavily involved in the Battle to save Admiral Dementia Nurses and thanks to her efforts together with other compaigners the foundation has now been made for a sustainable nursing service.

For her sterling Community Service work Mayor Cllr Robert Savage was pleased to present on behalf of the Town Council the Civic Award to Dianne Fernee. 

Civic Award

Town honours fund raising team with civic award

A civic award was presented to Wymondham couple Jennifer and Jim Cawte at a ceremony held at the Wymondham Dell Bowls Club by the town’s mayor Joe Mooney.

Mr Mooney said “Jennifer and Jim are a great local fund raising team. They have over many years managed to raise thousands of pounds for local good causes and I know that many groups and projects in Wymondham have benefited from their fund raising activities. They are a credit to Wymondham and they are in my view very worthy recipients of this year’s Wymondham Town Council Civic award”.

In May 2016 they set off in their 1983 Morris Ital from Wymondham to John O’Groats, Lands’ End and back to Wymondham. They managed to raise a staggering £4,350 for the new children’s EACH hospice near Norwich. The above is just one small example of how they go about raising funds.

Jennifer and Jim said “We are thrilled and honoured to have received this civic award. Fund raising is something that we both enjoy doing and community service has been a large part of our life since Jim joined the Wymondham Lions Club in 1978”.

L – R   Jim Cawte, Jennifer Cawte and Mayor Joe Mooney.




Les King

Les King Civic Award 2016

Mrs Anita King surrounded by members of her family and close friends receives the award from Mayor Cllr. Joe Mooney at the Wymondham Dell.


This year’s Civic Award has been posthumously awarded to Les King for the contribution that he made to Wymondham life through his involvement with the Regal Cinema, his sporting activities and his charity work.


Eric Thorburn

colin and Eric thorburn

This years recipient of the Civic Award is Eric Thorburn.

Eric Thorburn has been an outstanding servant and champion of Wymondham Heritage Society and the Heritage Museum, serving both with energy, distinction and great success. As a result the local community have had the benefits of an active heritage society and a very successful museum which has been widely praised by visitors and professionals alike. The existence of the museum for over 30 years, has brought thousands of visitors to the town from Norfolk and much farther afield. There are many special features and much to attract children and families. The museum acts as a memory of the local community, providing much knowledge about its history and heritage. This jewel in Wymondham’s crown owes much to the efforts of Eric Thorburn.

Previous Awards

2013            Trevor Brown

2012            Julian Gillett

2011             Roger Kingwell

2010             Janet Smith

2009           Molly Warman & Brenda Ford

2008          Anne & Adrian Hoare

2007          Kate & John Wood

2006         Barry & Frances Sullivan

2005         Fran Young

2004        Horace Wilkinson

2003        Michael Armstrong

2002        John & Barbara Randell

1998         Dr John Gardiner

1992        Jane Martin

1989       John Speakman



Trevor Brown


 trevor brown

This years recipient is Trevor Brown for his tireless work with Wymondham Dementia Group and the Pabulem café. By profession a social worker Trevor is an elder of the united reformed church and a founding member of the Ashcroft project which supports vulnerable females in the community. He is also a trustee of the Wymondham Dementia group and a founding member of the Pabulem Café.

The Mayor was pleased to present the 2014 civic award at her recent reception.

Council Fees

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Fees & Charges April 2016

Clubs and Organisations

Wymondham Town Council are happy to include a link to your club or Organisations website on this page. Simply email us at or ring us on 01953 603302.

1986 (Wymondham) squadron RAFAC  

Wymondham Detachment Norfolk Army Cadets

Priory Bowls Club

Wymondham Lions Club

Wymondham and Attlleborough Talking Newspaper

Audio version

Freemasons – Doric Lodge 1193 Secretary Trevor Bealing 01953 604507


Civic Award for Roger Kingwell



Wymondham Town Mayor, Cllr. Neil Ward was pleased to present Moya

Kingwell with a civic award in memorium to her late husband Roger.

Roger passed away sadly on 29th January 2011 following a brave fight

against cancer. A retired Town Planner and a keen member of the Catholic

Church and Wymondham Lions He was elected President of the club for the

year 2002/03. He was the lead organiser of the club’s big event,

“Dickensian Evening” for many years until 2009. The ongoing success of

this event, so enjoyed by the people of Wymondham, is very much due to

the hard work that he put into its organisation.

Roger was also a keen gardener and helped organise Wymondham's biannual

Open Gardens Event opening his own courtyard garden in Vicar Street.

This event gave pleasure to many and helped raise funds for East

Anglia’s Childrens’ Hospices, a charity particularly close to his heart.

Cllr. Ward commented ' Roger was a true community champion who was

always pleased to help in any way he could and he has been greatly

missed. The Town Council unanimously decided that they wished to mark

his contribution to the life of the Town by making this award to Moya'.

Janet Smith


The Civic Award for 2010 was awarded to Janet Smith The Town Archivist.


Wymondham Town Council has one allotment site which is situated off Chapel Lane originally containing 8 allotment plot.Following negotiations with the owner of adjoining land an additional 60 plots were opened in October 2007. Some are full 10 rod plots with others being approx. half sized at 5 rod. Demand has been high and even after filling all the new allotments there is still an extensive waiting list.

To fulfill the requirements of the land owner hard standing parking areas have been installed and water will be available through large 750 gallon storage containers.

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list please download the attached application form Application to go on waiting list, fill it in and submit it to the Council Offices.

Download the Terms and Conditions here.Schedule Tenants Agreement & Condits 17

Present fees are £54 per plot (10 rod) and £27 for a 5 rod plot although these will be reviewed annually.

View a Plan of the Allotments by clicking on the following links ( these are a guide and not necessarily to scale) :

Old site chapel Road plots 1 – 8

Allotments plan 1-60 2013

Allotments plan plots 61 – 111

Town Mayor, Cllr. Len Elston officially opens allotment at Chapel Lane

Allotments now being cultivated


Wymondham Cemetery is situated on Cemetery Lane and is the only burial facility operated by the Town Council. It was opened in 1882 and is a haven for wildlife and birds occupying approx. 12 acres of land.

There is a public pay and display car park approx 100 metres from the main gates.



With effect from 1st April 2018 the fees are as follows:



FEES, PAYMENTS & SUMS fixed and settled

 under Section 15 of the Local Authorities

 Cemeteries Order 1977

 A residential reduction will apply to all fees, payments and sums set out where the deceased person is an inhabitant of the CIVIL PARISH of Wymondham, or in the case of still – born children where the parents (or one of them) are such inhabitants.

For the purpose of determining fees, an inhabitant of Wymondham is a person who is listed on the current Register of Electors. Former inhabitants who, at time of death, were residents in a retirement home located outside Wymondham will be treated as inhabitants if they are listed on the current or previous four years Register of Electors 


 1.For interment in an earthen grave                                                     

      A.    Of the body of a still – born child, or a child whose age at death did  not exceed one year.

Resident fee                   Fee

£40.00                               £160.00

      B.     Of the body of a child whose age at time of death exceeded one year but did not exceed 12 years

£80.00                              £320.00

       C.    Of the body of a person whose age at time of death exceeded 12 years

£160.00                           £640.00

  1.  For interment of cremated remains

D.    Of the body of a still – born child, or a child whose age at death did  not exceed one year.

£23.25                              £93.00  

E.     Of the body of a child whose age at time of death exceeded one year but did not exceed 12 years

£46.50                               £186.00

F.     Of the body of a person whose age at time of death exceeded 12 years

£93.00                               £372.00


For the exclusive right of burial for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave in that part of the Cemetery set aside for the body of a still born Child, or a child whose age at death did not Exceed one year.

£40.00                              £160.00

For the exclusive right of burial, for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave in that part of the Cemetery set aside for a child, under the age of 12 years.

£80.00                              £320.00

For the exclusive right of burial, for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave

£160.00                           £640.00


For the exclusive right of burial of cremated remains for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave in that part of the Cemetery set aside for the body of a still born Child, or a child whose age at death did not Exceed one year.

                                                                                £23.25              £93.00

 For the exclusive right of burial of cremated remains  for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave in that part of the Cemetery set aside for a child, under the age of 12 years.

                                                              Resident fee          Fee

                                                                                  £46.50              £186.00

 For the exclusive right of burial of cremated remains for a period of 100 years in an earthen grave

                                                                                 £93.00            £372.00


  1. For the right to erect or place on a grave  in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted;-

                          I.      A headstone

not exceeding 4ft 6inches in height                      £115.00     £460.00

II.      A tablet or Vase on any grave                       £115.00     £460.00

III.      Additional Inscription fee                             £55.00     £220.00

No surrounds, kerbstones or plastic fencing will be allowed

 AT A MEETING of the Wymondham Town Council Finance & General Purposes Committee held this 20th day of February 2018, the foregoing Fees and Payments, payable as from the first day of April 2018 were duly fixed and settled by the said Town Council

T B Gurney

Council Offices

Town Clerk

14 Middleton Street

Wymondham    NR180AD


RULES AND REGULATIONS for the management of the Cemetery, Cemetery Lane, Wymondham.


(i)         Notice of Interment shall be given on the Council’s prescribed form at the office of the Town Clerk,14 Middleton Street, Wymondham at least 4 clear working days preceding the proposed interment (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday,Christmas Day, Good Friday and Statutory Bank Holidays). The Council reserves the right to modify this regulation where circumstances render such a course desirable, upon payment of an additional fee.

(ii)        No funeral shall take place on a Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday and Statutory Bank Holidays. (Saturday funerals are to be allowed only in exceptional circumstances between the hours of 10am and 12noon, and agreed by the Town Clerk ).

(iii)       No notice of interment shall be accepted by telephone except in special circumstances.

(v)        All charges and fees shall be paid on due date.

(vi)       Funeral arrangements and the appointing of the Officiating Minister, shall be the sole responsibility of the relatives of the deceased in association with the Funeral Director. Digging of the grave shall only be undertaken by the official grave digger appointed by the Town Council which must then be arranged by the Funeral Director.The digging for Cremated remains in normal circumstances shall be carried out by the Cemetery Caretaker.

(vii)      The certification for the disposal of a body, or in the case of an inquest, the Coroners order for burial, must be produced before or immediately after interment and delivered to the Town Clerk. For the burial of a still – born child an appropriate certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner will be required.

(viii)     Interments can take place in either a grave where the exclusive right of burial has been purchased or in a grave where no such exclusive right is bought. The main differences between these two types of graves are as follows:

Graves where exclusive right of burial is purchased

The charge for a exclusive right of burial is payable in addition to ordinary interment and other fees, and entitles the person to whom the grant is made to the exclusive right of burial in the grave mentioned. This means that the person to whom the grant is made possesses the exclusive right of burial in that grave for the period of 100 years. The Council will also permit a headstone or other suitable memorial to be placed over a grave in which the exclusive right of burial has been granted. BEFORE any such headstone or memorial is erected it is necessary to obtain the Council’s permission to its erection and for the proper fees to be paid. The fees for an exclusive right of burial must be paid upon the first interment.

Graves where no exclusive right of burial has been granted

Upon payment of the usual interment and other fees, the Council permit burials in graves where no exclusive right of burial has been purchased. In these circumstances the Council reserves the right to make further burials in the same grave at a later date. Because there will normally be more than one burial in a grave where an exclusive right of burial has not been purchased, it is not possible to permit the erection of kerbstones, headstones or other memorials over these graves.

(ix)       The cemetery is in a rural location and as such wildlife is not controlled. There are rabbits and deer in the cemetery and as a consequence fresh cut flowers and plants are often eaten, destroyed or moved by the wildlife. The Town Council takes no responsibility for any such loss or damage.


Interments will only be allowed on week-days between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. excepting in cases of extreme emergency.



A.               The exclusive right of burial in any grave space, for a period of one hundred years, may be purchased by an inhabitant or non-inhabitant subject to the payment of the fees for the time being prescribed by the Council.

B.                No assignment of the exclusive right of burial in a grave will be allowed without the approval of the Town Clerk and no transfer will be valid unless the Burial Grant has been properly endorsed by the Town Clerk for which a fee shall be charged.

3.                DEPTH

The first interment in each grave shall be at a depth of six feet for a double burial and 4 feet for a single burial.

4.                SPACE BETWEEN COFFINS

(a)        A layer of earth at least six inches (0.15m) in thickness shall be left between each coffin in the same earthen grave.

(b)        Burials will be permitted in wooden coffins only.

(c)            The maximum size for a grave shall not normally exceed 7′ x 3′ (2.13 x 0.91m) but if a grave of greater  length than 7′ (2.13m) is necessary, the burial shall take place out of rotation, in the grave space determined by the Town Clerk



A.               At the time of interment the exclusive right of burial in the Cremated Remains Plot, for a period of one hundred years, may be purchased by an inhabitant or non-inhabitant subject to the payment of the fees for the time being prescribed by the Council.

B.                No assignment of the exclusive right of burial in a grave will be allowed without the approval of the Town Clerk and no transfer will be valid unless the Burial Grant has been properly endorsed by the Town Clerk for which a fee shall be charged.

C.             The purchase of plots for memorial purposes is only allowed in exceptional cases and then only with the express agreement of the council.


A.               Cremated remains shall be interred in plots two feet x two feet in an area set aside for such burials.

Two burials to be permitted in each plot, the first at a minimum depth of three feet (0.91m) and the second immediately on top.

All caskets shall be of wood.


A.         The following monumental work only will be allowed:-

(i)         a headstone not exceeding 4 feet 6 inches in height; or

(ii)         a tablet or

(iii)        a vase (not exceeding 12”).

(iv)       inscriptions on headstones and tablets are subject to the approval of the Town Clerk and the name of a living person will only be permitted if there is a reference to the relationship of the deceased;

(v)        all headstones must be perpendicular.


B.                Drawings of every proposed erection and inscription must be submitted for the approval of the Town Clerk before work is commenced.

C.                Glass shades containing artificial flowers, jam jars, milk bottles or similar jars or bottles or receptacles, shall not be allowed upon graves and the Council reserves the right to remove such shades, jars, bottles or other receptacles from graves, together with any dead vegetation etc.

D.               No grave shall have a headstone / tablet / vase erected thereon unless the exclusive right of burial therein has been purchased.

E.                All headstones/ tablets/ vases shall be soundly constructed of suitable natural material and shall be kept in good repair and in default thereof the Council reserves the right to remove any such memorial or to require the owners to remove them and if any such memorial is removed by the Council it shall forthwith become the property of the Council for disposal by them as they think fit.

F.                All headstones / tablets / vases shall remain at the sole risk of the owners thereof and the Council shall not be responsible for any damage or breakage which may occur to same.

G.                (i)         The removing and refixing of headstones / tablets / vases shall be executed by any person lawfully appointed by the owner of the grave and a qualified stonemason.

(ii)        Every headstone/ tablet / vase removed in the process of opening a grave shall be removed at the risk of the person requiring the grave to be opened, and shall be temporarily removed entirely from the cemetery and must be refixed within a reasonable time and the decision of the Town Clerk as to what is a reasonable time shall be final and conclusive.

(iii)       All headstones / tablets / vases removed either for the purpose of allowing an interment to take place or for any other purpose whatever shall be re-erected in accordance with the Regulations in force at the time.

(iv)       The Council reserves to itself the right of passage over all graves and, where such a course is necessary, temporarily to cover or remove without notice, the headstone / tablet / vase upon any grave in order to permit the re-opening of another grave in the vicinity, or for any other purpose.

(v)        The Council also reserves to itself the right to remove, refix, move, line-up or alter the position of any headstones / tablets / vases as it may require.

(vi)           The name only of the masons may be cut on the headstone in letters not exceeding half an inch in height, providing the consent of the owner is obtained

(vii)     All foundations of monuments, the removal of or refixing of same, and any other work connected therein must be done under the superintendence of the Town Clerk or Cemetery Caretaker. Any person undertaking such work must use such means as the Council officials direct for the protection of the grass and the walks during the progress of the works. Upon completion all unused material and any other rubbish shall be removed from the cemetery.


A.               Whenever an interment has taken place the grave shall forthwith be filled with earth and, after a lapse of three months for natural subsidence of the earth with which the grave has been filled, the surface of such grave shall be covered with turf and surplus soil shall be moved to the place provided.

B. All graves shall be kept flat and level with adjoining ground and mounds or raised gardens on graves shall not be permitted.

C. Allocation of rights to graves and burials will be on application to the Town Clerk in accordance with the plans kept by the Council. Exclusive right of burial to a grave conveys no ownership rights.

D.   No shrubs, plants or flowers may be planted within the Cemetery or on any grave therein nor may any shrubs, plants or flowers be cut or carried away without consent.The Council reserves the right to prune, cut down or dig up and remove any shrub, plant, or flower planted without authorisation or which in their opinion become unsightly or overgrown.


A.               The Cemetery will be open to the public for admission on all days as indicated by the displayed notices

B.                No children under the age of 13 will be allowed admission unless accompanied by a responsible adult and all visitors shall keep to the walks and drives as far as practicable, refrain from touching shrubs and flowers and shall observe due decorum in all respects.

C.                Visitors must not cycle in the Cemetery, and smoking is prohibited therein. Persons bringing dogs into the Cemetery must keep them on a lead and under proper control at all times.

D.               Photographers must not take photographs within the precincts of the Cemetery during funerals except upon the express desire of the relatives concerned.

E. Every person who shall wilfully destroy or injure any building, wall or fence belonging to the Cemetery or destroy or injure any tree, plant or shrub therein or who shall daub or disfigure any wall thereon or climb over the walls or gates or put up any placard therein or on any wall thereof or willfully destroy, injure or deface any monument tablet, headstone or inscription or do any other wilful damage or who shall play at any game or unlawfully disturb any persons assembled for the purpose of burying any body or who shall commit any nuisance within the Cemetery, will be liable to prosecution.

F.     Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the Cemetery other than for the purposes of funerals and in connection with the erection and maintenance of monuments, otherwise than with the permission of the Cemetery, Caretaker or Town Clerk (This rule will not apply to any approved means of invalid conveyance or vehicle displaying a disabled persons pass)

G. The consumption of alcohol within the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.

10             ADMINISTRATION

A.               All notices or applications required by these Regulations are to be sent to the Town Clerk.

B.                Registers of burials are kept by the Town Clerk at whose offices searches of such Registers may be made.

C.                The fees payable shall be in terms of the attached schedule.

D.               The Council reserves the right to alter or vary the foregoing regulations or to deviate from them in any particular instances if it shall appear desirable to do so.

In order to download the WTC Burial Form please click below

CEMETERY Burial Application Form 2018

Tourist Information Centre

Opening Hours

April to October: Monday , Weds & Fri  10.00am to 2.30pm Sat 10.00 – 1.30pm

November to March:  Friday & Saturday  10.00am to 12.00pm


The Tourist Information Centre is staffed to offer help and advice on attractions, accommodation, and events in the locality. It is a valuable source of information about anything and everything going on in and around the town for visitors and residents alike.

A wide range of leaflets, brochures and other information is available. Also a range of gifts, some of which might be useful as presents!

‘ACCOMMODATION Email <> or phone 01953 604721 and request an accommodation list. Please say if you would like B&B/Hotels or Self-Catering information.’

Tourist Attractions
Follow the web links below to find out what’s on and where to visit in and around Wymondham – They have lots of information if you are planning a trip to the Town.

Click on the links below :

Heritage Museum

Mid Norfolk Railway
Wymondham Abbey
Music Festival

Visit Wymondham

Arts Forum


Wymondham Tourist Information Centre
Market Cross
Market Place
NR18 0AX

Telephone and fax: 01953 604721

E’ Mail:


2010 Janet Smith

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Wymondham Archive Group the Mayor of Wymondham, Cllr. Colin Foulger, was pleased to present the 2010 Civic Award to Janet Smith to mark here retirement as the Town Archivist.Upon her retirement in 1989 as Wymondham’s librarian Janet was invited by the Town Council to sort out its records and to create an archive which was a natural extension of her previous work in collating information about the Town. The death of local solicitor, Bernard Gledhill, 10 years ago resulted in the family deposing a large quantity of documents and the formal creation of an archive group. Janet is also well known for her work with Wymondham Heritage Society and historical talks that she has given all over Norfolk where she is in great demand. Over 30 friends and colleagues attended the AGM to celebrate the her retirement and to congratulate long serving volunteer Mary Garner who has agreed to become the new Town Archivist.


Adrian & Anne Hoare, both historians, joined Wymondham Heritage Society in 1984 and quickly became involved in it’s museum work with Adrian being elected as the chairman of the Wymondham Heritage Museum committee in 2000, a post he still holds today. Each year Adrian & Anne support each other in arranging a new and varied display at the museum including The Kett exhibition in 1999, the Americans around Wymondham, the Damgate story and History along the Tiffey to mane but a few.

The museum with Adrian & Anne as the driving force ably supported by an enthusiastic band of volunteers had their efforts recognised by winning the Berry Savory Tourism Award in 2001 and they have put in a huge amount of time developing the museum into one of Wymondham and South Norfolks Touristism must visit places.

When presenting the award Town Mayor, Cllr. Len Elston, praised the couple for their dedication and added that “in recognition of their commitment to making the museum a success and their contribution to community life the Town Council were pleased to confer this prestigious award”

Adrian & Anne Hoare receiving their Civic Award from Mayor Cllr. Len Elston at the recent launch of the Museums 2008 displays.