Spooner Row New Parish Council?

Spooner Row, Wattlefield & Suton as separate parish?

Please click on the link below to view the letter sent to residents of Spooner Row, Wattlefield & Suton together with the Town Councils formal response to South Norfolk Council with letter attachment.

Spooner Row Letter to Residents

Council response to SNC

Boundary map


Boundary Commission will decide on parish divide

A move by some residents of communities to the south of Wymondham to break away and form a separate parish has not been supported by Wymondham Town Council. The initiative was triggered by the current Community Governance Review, conducted every 10-15 years


An early initiative was taken by a group in Cromwells Ward in the southern part of the Wymondham parish, where parishioners canvassed opinion in the Spooner Row, Suton and Wattlefield area and identified support for the idea of creating a separate Community Council, independent of Wymondham.


This was reported to South Norfolk Council’s Electoral Arrangements Review Committee (EARC). The matter was discussed at the Town Council meeting on 10 October. The unanimous view of councillors present was that they are strongly against the formation of this new Community Council. In summary, taking into account the historic ties, the Town Council strongly recommended that Spooner Row, Wattlefield and Suton remain within the existing parish of Wymondham.


EARC was informed of this, and supported the Town Council view, but South Norfolk ‘s Full Council overturned EARC’s recommendation.


Ultimately the Boundary Commission for England will decide if any changes should be made to the parish boundary and a new Community Council formed.